"Long live Classical Chinese"

More and more Koreans are showing their support for the return and regularisation of Chinese character education.  The first poster reads "Long live Classical Chinese".

한문만세 [漢文萬歲]

Proponents of the said demonstration are mainly from researchers and students of Classical Chinese and related disciplines.  They call for the regularisation of Classical Chinese education and its continued presence in the College Entrance Examinations (also called 수능).  In the past, from 1982 – 1993, 한문 has been included as part of the 국어 portion of the exam, but now it is grouped with the 외국어 portion of the exam.

From this demonstration, we can clearly see that there are Koreans who support Chinese character and Classical Chinese education, which is a sign of the recent revitalisation of 한문 in Korean society.  This also gives an indication of the gradual and ongoing process of Koreans’ acceptance of 한문 as part of Korean Classical Literature.

Photos courtesy of Yonhap News Agency

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