Learn Hanja with 마법천자문

If you want to learn 한자 while studying Korean, there are many resources out there.  One of them is a popular game called 마법천자문 for the Nintendo DS console.

This game can be played on a Nintendo DS emulator and I have included the download link  <HERE>  of the emulator together with the game itself.


1.)  After downloading the file, extract it on your desktop using a file extracting software like WinRAR.  Right-click on the file, and select "Extract Here".

2.)  Inside the HANJA NDS GAME folder, the following files can be found.  Extract the file "DESMUME 0.9.7".

3.)  Inside the DESMUME 0.9.7 folder, extract the file named "desmume-0.9.7-win32".

4.)  Double-click the file named "DeSmuME".  This is the file to run in order to open the Nintendo DS emulator.  A window similar to the one below should appear.

5.)  On the emulator's menu, select  File --> Open ROM...  On the next window, select the file "5523_-_Mabeop_Cheonjamun_DS2_-_Choehuui_hanjamabeop_KOR_NDS-NukeThis".  This is the first file on the picture in STEP 2.

6.)  The game will now load.  Enjoy playing!  Stay tuned for updates on this page.  I might make a tutorial, guide, and/or review of the game in the future.

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