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0154 - 會[회] - 모이다 - to assemble, meet together; a meeting; an organization

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character is made up of "to gather" 亼, "window" 囪, and "to speak" 曰.  Three princesses gather together 亼 and form an organisation.  Their headquarters has many windows 囪 and they meet there monthly to speak 曰 and talk about their lifestyles as princesses.
  • This character can also mean "accounting" and "chance/opportunity" among others.  The three princesses, after doing some accounting, gather up 亼 their money and build a certain palace in France with many windows 囪.  The whole world has been talking about 曰 the said palace.  Many want to have the opportunity to visit the palace and the three princesses.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

회장 [] - a place of meeting [assembly]; a hall; a meeting place; the grounds; a site
회장 [] - the president (of a society); the chairman (of a committee, an assembly)
회심 [] - congeniality; complacency
국회 [] - the National Assembly; Parliament; Congress; the Diet
대회 [] - a great [grand] meeting; a mass [grand] meeting; a rally; a general meeting; a conference; a convention; a meet; a tournament; a tourney
학회 [] - a learned society; an institute; an academy
회사 [] - a company (Co.); a corporation; a firm; a concern
모회사 [] - a holding company [corporation]; a parent company
자회사 [] - an affiliated company; a subsidiary company; a daughter firm
교회 [] - a church; a chapel; a cathedral
정교회 [] - the Greek[Eastern] Orthodox Church
면회 [] - an interview; a meeting
면회하다 [하다] - see; meet; interview; have an interview with
면회소 [] - meeting room; interview room
장로회 [] - Presbyterian Church
청년회 [] - a youth association
동문회 [] - an alumni association; an old boys' association
회식 [] - dining together
회식하다 [하다] - dine together; dine with (a person)
회화 [] - conversation; talk; chat; a dialogue
회화하다 [하다] - converse [talk] (with); have a conversation [talk] (with)
휴회 [] - adjournment; recess
휴회하다 [하다] - adjourn; recess; take a recess; suspend the session
입회 [] - presence; attendance; a session; a call
입회하다 [하다] - be present; attend; witness
입회 [] - admission (to membership); joining; entrance
입회하다 [하다] - join [enter] (a club, a society); associate (oneself) with a society; become a member (of)
사회 [] - society; the community; the world; the public
사회학 [] - sociology, study of the structure and development of human society; social science, study of human behavior
사회면 [] - the general news page(s); the social page; the local news page[section]
사회인 [] - a full-fledged[working] member of society
사회생활 [] - social[community] life
사회교육 [] - social education; adult education; lifelong[continuing] education
사회기사 [] - social news[items]


Example Sentences [예문] :

쌍용의 는  (SAIC)라는 이름의  기업이다.
Ssangyong's parent company is a Chinese company named the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).

에 다니는 동안   동아리에 들었으며 에서 하고 있던  친구들도 몇  사귀었습니다.
While in university, I joined the Chinese conversation club and made a few Chinese friends who were studying in Korea.

이제 걸스카우트는 145개에  이 넘는 원을 보한 들을 위한 가장 큰 제   단체입니다.
Now it is the biggest international social education organization for girls with over 10 million members in 145 countries.

이번 예박사 위수여식은 캠퍼스  인념홀에서 거행될 예정이었지만 100여의 들이 이 의 진을 봉쇄했다.
The ceremony was scheduled to take place at the Incheon Memorial Hall on its campus but about 100 students blocked the business mogul from entering.

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