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0151 - 注[주] - 붓다 - concentrate, focus, direct

The Story [이야기] :

  • This is a pictophonetic character.  "Water" 氵 suggests the meaning, while 主[주] suggests the sound.  This character can mean "to concentrate/to focus one's attention or mind into something", but can also mean "to pour/concentrate/focus a certain liquid or gas into a container".
  • The lord 主 pays attention to the spilt water 氵 on the ground so that she will not slip.  
  • The lord 主 concentrates and pours 氵 some tea in her cup.
  • The character 注 can also be used to mean "to make an annotation", but the character 註 is more often used for this purpose.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

주문 [] - an order; ordering; an indent; a request; a wish
주문하다 [하다] - order (a thing) from; give (a person) an order for (a thing); place an order with (a person); indent for (goods)
외주 [] - an outside order
외주하다 [하다] - place an order (with) outside
주력 [] - putting forth strength; concentrating one's effort
주력하다 [하다] - concentrate (one's effort on something); exert oneself for; make efforts; give one's mind to (something)
주입 [] - pouring (into); injection; instilment; infusion; instillation; infiltration; cramming
주입하다 [하다] - pour [put] into; inject; impregnate; infuse (a spirit into a person's mind); instill a sentiment in (a person); implant (a principle in a person's mind); imbue (a person with an idea); cram
주입구 [] - inlet; filling hole


Example Sentences [예문] :

난 프랑스 사람들과 대를 나눌 수 있고 프랑스로 당에서 음을 할 수 있어!
I can talk with French people and order food at restaurants in French!

LG는  3위의 산업집단으로 소비자 제품과 화제품에 하고 있다.
LG is the country's third-largest industrial group that is focused on consumer electronics and chemicals.

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