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0143 - 心[심] - 마음, 뜻, 의지 - heart; mind, intelligence; soul

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character shows the shape of the Backstreet Boys' Heart.  The Backstreet Boys sing, "Now let me show you the shape of my heart!"

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

심지 [지] - a wick
전심 [] - one's whole heart [soul]
내심 [] - one's inmost heart; real inward feeling; one's mind; one's real intention
효심 [] - filial devotion [duty, piety]
민심 [] - popular feelings; public sentiment; the mind of the people
인심 [] - a man's mind [heart]; people's mind; the hearts of the people; the public mind; popular sentiments; public feeling
동심 [] - (1) the same mind; like-mindedness; accord; unanimity; concord; agreement, (2) concentricity
일심 [] - one mind; a whole mind; wholeheartedness; concentration [absorption] of mind (on one thing)
강심 [] - the very middle of a river
공심 [] - an empty stomach
중심 [] - the center of gravity; the centroid
중심 [] - the center [heart, middle]; the focus; the nucleus; the core; the pivot; stress; emphasis; importance; balance
심중 [] - one's mind; one's intention; one's inmost thoughts; one's true motive
심지 [] - nature; temper; disposition; character
심기 [] - the mind; mood; sentiment
소심 [] - timidity; cow-ardice; faintheartedness; prudence
소심하다 [하다] - (be) timid; cowardly; fainthearted; prudent; cautious; scrupulous; circumspect
안심 [] - relief; peace of mind; assurance; reassurance; security
안심하다 [하다] - be [feel] relieved; be at ease [peace]; feel safe [confident]; rest assured
중심지 [] - centre, center, capital, metropolis, stronghold, omphalos
안심입명 [] - spiritual peace and enlightment; calm resignation (to fate); philosophy


Example Sentences [예문] :

정기준은 연구원에 좋게 100 원을 기부했다.
Jeong Gi-Joon generously gave a million won to the Chinese characters research institute.

물론, 2018 계 올림픽을 주최하려는 의 계획이 IOC(제올림픽위원회)로부터 긍정적인 평가를 받았음을 알게 되어 이 된다.
Of course, it is comforting to know that Korea's plan to host the 2018 Winter Olympics received a positive assessment from the IOC.

이 영화는 한 과 별난 젊은 의 특이한 관계를 그리고 있다.
The movie is about an unusual relationship between a shy college student and a strange young woman.

서울은 의 교통 이다.
Seoul is the center of transportation[the hub of the transportation system] in Korea.

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