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0141 - 色[색] - 빛, 빛깔 - color, tint, hue, shade; form, body; beauty, desire for beauty

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character shows a person 人 on top of another person who is kneeling down 卩.  These two people are having sex.
  • Some health experts say that sex is a healthy exercise.  To make life colourful 色, have sex at least once a day.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

금색 [] - a golden color
백색 [] - white (color); the white [right] wing
초색 [] - green color
청색 [] - blue [green] color; blue; green
남색 [] - sodomy; pederasty; buggery
여색 [] - feminine [a woman's] beauty; a woman's charms; a beautiful woman; sexual intercourse with a woman; coition; lust; sexual [carnal] desire [passion]
동색 [] - the same color; fellow members of a party; the same faction
일색 [] - one color; a distinguished beauty
이색 [] - two colors
삼색 [] - three (primary) colors; tricolor
사색 [] - four colors; the Four Factions (of the middle period of the Yi Dynasty)
오색 [] - the five cardinal colors (blue, yellow, red, white, black); variegated colors
육색 [] - six colors
칠색 [] - seven colors; prismatic colors; the primary colors
토색 [] - earth color
명색 [] - a name; a title; a designation
유색 [] - colored
색사 [] - a love affair; an amour
생색 [] - a favorable impression
간색 [] - a compound [secondary] color; half tone; an intermediate [inbetween] shade
기색 [] - a look; a countenance; (facial) expression; mood; humor; feeling
춘색 [] - spring scenery; the vernal beauty of nature; a sign [hint, indication] of spring
추색 [] - autumnal scenery; autumn colors [tints]; a sign of autumn
지방색 [] - local color
물색 [] - (1) the color of a thing, (2) dyed color, (3) nature; scenery; landscape, (4) selecting; looking for
물색하다 [하다] - look for; search for; hunt up; select; pick out; single out; take one's pick (from)
정색 [] - a serious countenance [mien]; seriousness; earnestness; a solemn air; a serious [grave] look
정색하다 [하다] - maintain a serious countenance; show one's seriousness [earnestness, sincerity]; assume a solemn air; wear a sober look; put on a grave look


Example Sentences [예문] :

상당히 장엄한 배경 음악에 맞춰 두 대의 거북선 (이순신 장이 발명한 철갑선)이 변으로 진되어  연를 내뿜으며 행의 시작을 알렸다.
To somewhat solemn background music, two turtle ships (ironclad warship invented by Admiral Yi Sun-shin) launched to the shore, fuming colorful smoke, which signaled the beginning of the event.

스니치 러너는 노란이나 으로 옷을 입은 입니다.
The snitch runner is a neutral player dressed in all yellow or gold.

는 便이 에 빠져 있다는 것은 도저히 상상할 수 없었다.
Her husband was not a womanizer by any stretch of the imagination.

이 회사는 현화 컨텐츠 개발을 위해  파트너를  에 있다.
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