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0132 - 面[면] - 낯, 얼굴 - face; surface; plane; side, dimension

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character shows the picture of a person's face or it can also be visualized as a mask.
  • This character can also mean a "township", a sub-division of a "gun".

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

면 [] - (1) a face, (2) prestige; dignity; honor; reputation, (3) the surface; a side; a face, (4) an aspect; a phase; a side; a field, (5) a mask; a face guard, (6) a page
면 [] - a myeon(a subdivision) of a gun [county]); a township
면하다 [하다] - face; front; look on; look out on [into]; open out on (the street)
면면 [] - all [various] sides; all faces; each one; every one
면새 [새] - (1) the surface; appearance, (2) honor; prestige
면전 [] - (a person's) presence
전면 [] - the front; the foreground; the facade
전면 [] - the whole [entire] surface
후면 [] - the back side; the reverse side; the rear
면민 [] - people of a township [myeon]
면장 [] - the head [chief] of a myeon [township]
면상 [] - (in) one's face
좌면 [] - the left; one's left
우면 [] - the right; one's right
정면 [] - the front side; the frontage; the front; the facade
지면 [] - the surface (of land, the earth); the ground; land; a lot
장면 [] - a scene; a situation; a place; spectacle
문면 [] - the contents [wording] of a letter
방면 [] - (1) a direction; a quarter; a line; a field, (2) an aspect; a phase; an angle; a source; a point of view; a standpoint, (3) a square [squarish] face
입면 [] - elevation surface
평면 [] - a plane; a level
수면 [] - the surface of the water
해면 [] - the surface of the sea; the sea level
이면 [] - (1) two faces; two sides, (2) the second page
사면 [] - the four sides; all sides; all directions [quarters]
팔면 [] - eight sides [faces]; all sides; 8-sided
내면 [] - the inside; the interior
외면 [] - outward appearance; the outside; the exterior
외면하다 [하다] - turn away (one's face); look away (from); avert one's eyes (from); cut (dead)
시읍면 [] - cities, towns, and villages; municipalities
중립면 [] - neutral surface
생면 [] - (1) one's first meeting [interview], (2) a person whom one met for the first time
생면하다 [하다] - meet [interview, be introduced to] (a person) for the first time
직면 [] - confrontation
직면하다 [하다] - face; confront; see (a person) face to face; be confronted by [with]


Example Sentences [예문] :

 연주가 되면서 들이 부심으로 밝아지고 어떤 이의 눈은 너무나 멀리 떨어져 있는 을 억하며 솟구치는 모습을 나는 알아차렸다.
With the sound of the Korean anthem, I noticed faces brighten in pride and some eyes welling up in remembrance of the country so far away.

보다는 의 아름다움이 더 요한 거에요.
Inner beauty is more important than outer appearances.

과거 극곰이 빙 표 위에서 헤엄치는 이 목격된 적은 있지만 한 개체의 여정 체가 추적되기는 처음이었습니다.
Polar bears have been seen in the open water in the past, yet this was the first time scientists had been able to follow a bear's entire journey.

사다리는 미끄러지지 않는  발이 달려있어야 하며, 단단하고 한 에 세워야 한다.
Ladders should be equipped with non-skid safety feet and should be placed on a firm, level surface.

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