Monday, February 3, 2014

0130 - 同[동] - 한가지 - same, similar; together with

The Story [이야기] :

  • A certain group of elite individuals that speak 口 the same/identical language come together as one 一 and now live in a certain village 冂.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

동생 [] - a younger brother [sister]
남동생 [] - younger brother
여동생 [] - younger sister
동성 [] - the same family name; the same surname
동시 [] - the same time [period]
동일 [] - identity; sameness; oneness; nondiscrimination; equality
동일하다 [하다] - (be) identical; (one and) the same; equal; nondiscriminatory
동일 [] - the same day [date]; the said day
동월 [] - the same month
동년 [] - the same year; the same age
동기 [] - siblings; brothers and sisters
동문 [] - (1) an identical passage [phrasing] (of writing), (2) a common [the same] script
동문 [] - (1) a fellow pupil [student, disciple]; a classmate; an alumnus (pl. -ni); an alumna (pl. -nae), (2) the same clan; a clansman; a clanswoman
동학 [] - a fellow student; a classmate; one's schoolfellow; a fellow scholar; fellow researcher
일동 [] - all the persons present [concerned]; all (of us, them)
동명 [] - the same name
동수 [] - the same number
동인 [] - (1) the same person, (2) associates; colleagues, (3) the said person; the person in question; the subject; he
동상 [] - the same as the above; ditto (pl. ~s)
동사 [] - a joint enterprise [undertaking]; business [trade] in partnership
동사하다 [하다] - do [engage in, go in] business with; run [operate] a business in partnership with
부동 [] - lack of uniformity; inequality; dissimilarity
부동하다 [하다] - (be) unequal; dissimilar; uneven


Example Sentences [예문] :

제 과 저는 꽃을 몇 송이 집어서 하와이 처럼 머리에 그것을 꽂았습니다.
My sisters and I picked some of the flowers and wore them in our hair like Hawaiian girls.

그러나 에, 우리는 냉철함을 유지하고 미를 볼 필요가 있다, 그것이 지금 이명박 통령이 하고 있는 것이다.
Yet at the same time we need to keep a clear head and look to the future, which is what President Lee is doing now.

한 의 아이들이 아이들이 과과 에 더 뛰어나다고 각한 것이다.
Just as many girls believed that boys were better at science and math.

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