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0128 - 語[어] - 말씀, 말, 이야기 - language, words; saying, expression

The Story [이야기] :

  • This is a pictophonetic character.  "Language" 言 suggests the meaning, while 吾[오 → 어] suggests the sound.  The character 吾 means "I".  "I" am a person 口 with five 五 senses, and through the mouth communicate my language 言.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

구어 [] - spoken language; colloquial speech; colloquialism
어문 [] - language
문어 [] - written language; literary language; literary expression
일어 [] - Japanese; the Japanese language
어학 [] - language study; philology; linguistics
토어 [] - the native [local] language; the vernacular tongue [language]
국어 [] - a language; one's mother tongue; the national [native] language; the Korean language; Korean
국어학 [] - Korean linguistics[philology]
외래어 [] - loanword; foreign word
외국어 [] - a foreign language [tongue]
한자어 [] - Sino-Korean vocabulary
중국어 [] - Chinese; the Chinese language; Mandarin
한국어 [] - Korean; the Korean language
북한어 [] - North Korean language
안남어 [] - Annamese (language)
모국어 [] - one's mother tongue; the native [vernacular] language
프랑스어 [프랑스] - French, language of France
국어국문학 [] - Korean Language and Literature
한국외국어대학교 [] - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


Example Sentences [예문] :

나 를 표현하기 위해서 글을 사용하는데 있어서의 측의 관함에 대해서 스러우며 측에 영 및 를 사용하는 것을 지할 것을 촉구했다고 의 관리들이 말하고 있습니다.
North Korean officials are said to be displeased with the South’s openness in using Hangul to characterize English or Chinese words and recommended South Korea discontinue using them.

그들은 많은 양의 가 섞인 를 익히느라 애를 씁니다.
They often struggle to adapt to the Korean spoken in the South, which has adopted hundreds of foreign words.

몇 가지 힌트를 드릴게요: 그 나라의 언는 프랑스이고, 수도는 파리, 그리고 그 도는 에펠탑으로 합니다.
Let me give you some hints: the country's language is French, its capital is Paris and the city is famous for the Eiffel Tower.

한국외국어대학교 [] - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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