Thursday, January 30, 2014

0116 - 地[지] - 땅, 대지 - earth; soil, ground; region

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character combines the characters for "earth" 土 and "also/strong affirmation" 也 to mean "also an earth/land (while pointing at a certain direction)".

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

지명 [] - the name of a place; a geographical designation [name]
지상 [] - the ground
지방 [] - a locality; a district; a region; a section; the country; the provinces; the neighborhood; the vicinity
토지 [] - (1) land; a piece [tract] of land; a lot [plot]; soil, (2) an estate; real estate, (3) territory
대지 [] - the earth; the ground; the solid earth; firm ground; Mother Earth
지하 [] - underground; subterranean
지하도 [] - underpass, subway
평지 [] - level land [ground]; a flat; a plain; a flat country
지평 [] - the horizon; the skyline; ground level
공지 [] - a vacant lot; vacant land; an open space
산지 [] - a mountainous district; hilly country
입지 [] - location (of industry)
외지 [] - a foreign [an alien] land; an oversea(s) land; an outlying region; an external territory
농지 [] - agricultural land; farmland
지기 [] - vapor of the earth; vapor
지중해 [] - the Mediterranean (Sea)


Example Sentences [예문] :

15승 이의 만 로 사용이 허용 될 것이다.
Only small cars with less than 15 passengers will be allowed to use the underground roads.

조선조 절, 들은 비록 가 해지더라도 비탈에 집을 지으려 하지 않았다.
During the Joseon Kingdom, people were not supposed to build homes on the hills, even though flat land was becoming scarce.

아프리카는 쪽으로 쪽으로 인도양 그리고 西쪽으로 西양으로 둘러싸여 있습니다.
Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

지중해 [] - the Mediterranean (Sea)

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