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0111 - 數[수/삭/촉] - 셈, 산법 - number; several; count; fate

The Story [이야기] :

  • This is a pictophonetic character.  The "hand with a stick" 攵 suggests the meaning, while 婁[루 → 수] suggests the sound.  婁 is the picture of a lady/queen 女 wearing a precious crown and by the use of her magic wand 攵 creates numbers.
  • This character shows the picture of a household girl 女 with a weaving needle 攵 making fine garments for her family (as depicted by the thread/yarn above her).  The girl carefully counts the numbers of stitches for each garment.
  • If the meaning is "to be frequent", 삭 is used.
  • If the meaning is "to be fine and detailed (as in a decoration)", 촉 is used.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

수없이 [없이] - in countless numbers; without [out of] number; beyond count
홀수 [홀] - odd number
짝수 [짝] - even number
문수 [] - shoe size; the size of shoes
일수 [] - the number of days; time; a day's luck
월수 [] - the number of months
연수 [] - the number of years
수일 [] - a few days; several days
수월 [] - several months; a number of months
수년 [] - several years; some [a few] years; a number of years
수십 [] - tens; several tens; scores; dozens
수백 [] - hundreds; several hundreds
수천 [] - thousands; several thousands
수만 [] - tens [scores] of thousands; myriads
촌수 [] - the degree of kinship [consanguinity]; the distance of blood relationship
수학 [] - mathematics; math(s)
숫자 [] - a figure; a numeral
소수 [] - a decimal (fraction)
대수 [] - (1) a big [great, large, high] number, (2) good luck; great fortune
기수 [] - fate; destiny; luck; fortune


Example Sentences [예문] :

해마다 개발되는  개의 신상품  실제로 성공을 거두는 제품은  개에 과하다.
Of the tens of thousands of new products developed each year, only a few hundred actually become successful.

그는 에 관해서는  이었다.
He was practically illiterate in math.

의 경험없이 경제을 이해하는 것은 가능하다.
It is impossible to understand economic activities without years of experience.

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