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0107 - 出[출/척] - 나다, 태어나다, 낳다 - go out, send out; stand; produce

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character shows the picture of a plant 屮 shooting out from a cave/pit 凵.
  • If the meaning is "the conclusion of a drama", 척 is used.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

일출 [] - sunrise
월출 [] - a moonrise
출력 [] - generating power [capacity]; output of power
출가 [] - leaving home; entering the Buddhist priesthood
출가하다 [하다] - leave home; become a bonze [a Buddhist priest]; join the priesthood; renounce the world; take the veil
가출 [] - disappearance from home
가출하다 [하다] - run [go, drift] away from home; leave home [one's house]; disappear [fly] from home
출생 [] - birth; childbirth
출생하다 [하다] - be born; give birth to; be delivered of
출국 [] - departure from the country
출국하다 [하다] - depart from the country; leave the country
출세 [] - success in life; rising in the world; (career) advancement
출세하다 [하다] - have great success in life; rise in the world; make one's way in life; attain distinction; rise to a high position [prominence]
출화 [] - an outbreak of fire
출화하다 [하다] - a fire breaks out [starts, occurs]
출동 [] - going [moving] out; mobilization; sailing
출동하다 [하다] - be mobilized; be called out; set out; sail; go into action
출금 [] - defrayment; payment; drawing; contribution; investment
출금하다 [하다] - pay; draw out; contribute (to); invest money (in)
외출 [] - going out; an outing; an airing
외출하다 [하다] - go out (of doors)
출장 [] - appearance in a place; participation; taking part in
출장하다 [하다] - take part (in); participate (in); appear; be present (at)
팔불출 [] - a dull [stupid] fellow; a fool; an ass; a donkey


Example Sentences [예문] :

그 소은 가 했을 때만 그 프로그램을 본다.
The boy watches that program only when his parents are out.

세 선 모두 금 초 술을 받은  하지 못했다.
All three players are sidelined after undergoing surgery earlier this year.

카르페이는 새로운 직을 가진 이로 를 달리고 있다.
Since Kareupeyi got his new job, he has really come up in the world.

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