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0104 - 文[문] - 글월, 문장 - literature, culture, writing

The Story [이야기] :

  • This character shows the picture of a chest with a tattoo.
  • The character shows the picture of a literate gentleman wearing a hat 亠 and sitting cross-legged 乂.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

중문 [] - (written) Chinese language
전문 [] - the whole sentence; the whole statement; the full text
전문 [] - the above [foregoing] sentence [statement]; the preamble
전문 [] - a telegraphic message; a telegram; the wording of a telegram
공문 [] - a dead letter; a scrap of paper; a meaningless document
문학 [] - literature; letters
장문 [] - a lengthy piece of writing; a long article; a long letter
문인 [] - a man of letters; a literary man
문교 [] - education; culture
불문 [] - (1) illiteracy, (2) unwritten (rule)
문명 [] - literary fame [reputation]
상문 [] - the above (statement); the foregoing paragraphs
방문 [] - prescription
천자문 [] - the Thousand-Character Classic[Text]
한문 [] - Chinese composition; Chinese writing
한문자 [] - Chinese characters
국문 [] - the national [Korean] language; national [Korean] literature; the Korean alphabet
국문학 [] - Korean literature; the study of Korean literature
문자 [] - (1) letters; figures; a character; an alphabet, (2) a phrase; an idiomatic phrase from the Chinese classics
대문자 [] - a capital letter; a big letter
소문자 [] - a small letter; minuscule
라틴문자 [라틴] - Latin alphabet


Example Sentences [예문] :

과  의 예로써 피아노 반, 바이올린 반, 워드 프로세싱 반,  반, 빵 굽기 반과 예 반이 있다.
Some of the extracurricular activities will feature classes in piano, violin, word processing, Chinese characters, baking and handicrafts.

인 박사는 논어와 을 본에 전파했다.
Wang-in spread "The Thousand Chinese Letters Classic" and "The Analects of Confucius" among the Japanese.

천자문 [] - the Thousand-Character Classic[Text]

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