Monday, January 13, 2014

0074 - 前[전] - 앞 - in front, forward; preceding

The Story [이야기] :

  • This is an associative compound.  In front of a chef's workplace are herbs 䒑, meat ⺝, and a knife 刂 that is used for preparing the food for the customers.
  • Before serving the food, the chef carefully chops the herbs 䒑 and meat ⺝ with his knife 刂 into fine edible slices.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

생전 [] - lifetime
일전 [] - the other day; some time ago; a few days ago; recently
월전 [] - a month ago
연전 [] - some [a few, a couple of] years ago; a few years back [before]
문전 [] - (in) front of a gate
사전 [] - before a thing takes place [materializes]; before the fact; in advance; beforehand
식전 [] - before a meal; before breakfast
전날 [날] - the other day; some [a few] days ago; recently; previously; formerly; before
전생 [] - a former [previous] existence; a former life; preexistence
전일 [] - the other day; a few days ago; previously; formerly; before; some time ago
전월 [] - last month
전년 [] - the previous year; the years before; last year
전인 [] - a predecessor; former people
전실 [] - one's former [divorced] wife
전문 [] - a front gate
전장 [] - the morning stock market session; the first call
전방 [] - the front; forward area; the front line
전전 [] - former times; the one before last


Example Sentences [예문] :

 카불 쪽 에서는 로켓포의 발사음이 진동합니다.
Everyday the front lines north of Kabul shake with the sound of outgoing rocketfire.

측이 양측의 기동 연습을 에 통보하자고 제안했을 때 측은 또다시 거절했다.
When the South proposed that the two sides give prior notice of military maneuvers, the North again refused.

난 에 자였을 거라고 각해.
I think I was a biologist in my past life.

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