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0068 - 道[도] - 길 - path, road, street; method, way

The Story [이야기] :

  • 首 represents the head of a prominent person and can signify the leader of a group of people, or the most important among certain things.  As the leader 首 walks slowly and advances 辶, every disciple should follow because she will show "The Way".
  • The road represents that which our leader 首 has walked 辶 in her lifetime.
  • 道[도] is also used to refer to a Province in Korea.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

왕도 [] - the royal road; kingship; kingcraft; the rule of right; righteous government; the principles of royalty
인도 [] - (1) humanity, (2) a pavement; a sidewalk; a footpath
역도 [] - weight lifting
도학 [] - ethics; moral philosophy
수도 [] - water works; water service [supply]; an aqueduct; a water duct; a water course; city water; service water; service pipes
상수도 [] - waterworks; water service [supply]
하수도 [] - drainage system, sewer
도중 [] - on the way
평안북도 [] - North Pyeongan Province (a Province in North Korea)
평안남도 [] - South Pyeongan Province (a Province in North Korea)


Example Sentences [예문] :

이번 회의는 요르단의 압둘라 과 위젤  기이 공동주최했습니다.
Jordan's King Abdullah and Mr. Wiesel's Foundation for Humanity co-sponsored the event.

게다가,  요과 로개발비,  요 그리고 문화 시설 입장료 또한 동결될 것이다.
In addition, charges for sewer and road development, the water supply, andculture facility maintenance will also be frozen.

평안남도 [] - South Pyeongan Province (a Province in North Korea)

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