Friday, January 10, 2014

0066 - 食[식/사/이] - 밥 - eat; meal; food

The Story [이야기] :

  • For any living thing, like people 人, food/to eat food is always a good 良 thing.
  • On top of the dining table, something good 良 that is covered 人 with plates  are food.
  • If the meaning is "feed/fodder (for animals)", 사 is used.
  • If the character is used as the name of a person, 이 is used.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

생식 [] - eating uncooked food; eating [taking] (it) raw
생식하다 [하다] - eat uncooked food; eat (the fish) raw
화식 [] - cooked food; eating of cooked food
화식하다 [하다] - eat cooked food; eat cooked
간식 [] - food eaten between regular meals; eating between meals; a light meal; a snack; a between-meal snack
간식하다 [하다] - eat between meals; have [eat] a snack; snack
식간 [] - between meals
식사 [] - a meal; fare; dinner; diet; cuisine; board
식사하다 [하다] - take a meal; dine; eat
외식 [] - eating [dining] out
외식하다 [하다] - dine [eat] out; board out
한식 [] - Korean-style food
일식 [] - Japanese-style food
중식 [] - (1) lunch, (formal) luncheon, midday meal, (2) Chinese-style food
식칼 [칼] - kitchen knife
식빵 [빵] - (plain) bread
식모 [] - housekeeper, kitchen maid, domestic helper
식수 [] - drinking water
소식 [] - light eating
소식하다 [하다] - eat little [sparingly]
소식가 [] - a light[small] eater
대식 [] - (1) main meals (breakfast and supper), (2) gluttony; voracity; heavy feeding
대식하다 [하다] - eat heavily; eat much; eat a heavy meal; eat gluttonously; gluttonize; gorge; gormandize; cram [stuff] oneself; eat like a horse
대식가 [] - glutton, overeater, one who eats and drinks to excess


Example Sentences [예문] :

거의  에서 를 합니다.
Most days I eat in the office.

는 에 하는 것을 즐긴다.
She enjoys eating out on Saturdays.

저녁 는 을 드시겠습니까, 을 드시겠습니까?
Would you like Korean food or Japanese food for dinner?

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