Thursday, April 5, 2012

0015 - 萬[만] - 일만 - ten thousand; innumerable

The Story [이야기] :

  • Originally, the character is a picture of a scorpion 禺 in the grass 艹.  Now it means ten thousand or innumerable.  Anyhow, to see ten thousand or innumerable scorpions would sure be scary.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

만날 [날] - always; all the time; habitually; every time; invariably
돈만 [돈] - tens of thousands of coins; quite a sum of money
만일 [] - if; in case of; suppose[provided] that
십만 [] - a hundred thousand
만년 [] - ten thousand years; eternity; perpetuity


Example Sentences [예문] :

내가 너라면 이대로 포기하지는 않을 것이다.
If I were in your shoes, I would never give up like this.

그는 과장이다.
He is forever a section chief.

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