Thursday, April 5, 2012

0013 - 九[구/규] - 아홉 - nine

The Story [이야기] :

  • It is the picture of an elbow, the character's original meaning.
  • If the meaning is "to amass/to accumulate", 규 is used.

Stroke Order [획순] :

New Vocabulary [새로운 단어] :

구월 [] - September
구일 [] - the ninth day; nine days
구구 [] - the multiplication table; the rules of multiplication
구구하다 [하다] - calculate by the multiplication table; think over; consider carefully; ponder; mull; estimate; guess 

Example Sentences [예문] :

경제위기가 심화되고 수출이 줄어들면서, 중순 이후로 중국은 초점을 바꾸고 세 배나 절감했다.
As the financial crisis grew and exports fell, China switched focus and has cut rate three times since mid-September.

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